Great product design makes life better


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2D + 3D CAD

At Shook Ideas, we have over 15 years of CAD experience, including experience developing designs for Fortune 500 companies.

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Prototyping is the most exciting part about the product development process. Through our craftsmanship and our high-tech machinery, hand sketches and CAD files become physical objects that you can touch and feel. 

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Technical Instructions

Technical documentation includes everything from assembly instructions for employees to "Getting Started" pamphlets for customers. Our development strategy puts a premium on clear, concise documentation for assembly technicians, employees, and anyone else involved.

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We are experts in design for injection molding, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and much more. With our shop and manufacturing partner network, we are able to support production jobs of almost any size.

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Listing Photos

A beautiful set of listing photos not only converts customers at a higher rate, but it could be the difference in making any sales at all. At Shook Ideas, we have DSLR cameras with photo cubes, professional lighting, and turn tables to make your product "POP" online.

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