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The basic idea behind prototyping is simple. We've done the CAD design, and now we need to build it to see how the product idea performs in the real world. We do better than anyone in keeping the iteration costs as low as possible, while trying as many ideas as possible to narrow down the best solutions available. Our philosophy in this phase of product development is "Fail fast and fail early" and then document what works. From there, the final solution is always a mixture of features from several prototypes. 


  1. Discuss and document specifications with the customer
  2. Identify and document any relevant tests, certificates, regulatory, or compliance items that would indicate successful delivery of the specifications
  3. Isolate the specifications into mechanical/electrical/software functions

  4. Brainstorm and document at least 3 concepts that meet the customer specifications

  5. Design the best concept and/or individual functional components in CAD

  6. 3D print or manufacture physical conceptual prototypes that accomplish the specification and/or function

  7. Test, document feedback, and iterate the process