We turn product ideas into opportunities.

At Shook Ideas, we are passionate about helping to turn ideas into actual products. Our services include CAD design, technical writing, prototyping, manufacturing, tooling/fixture design, product listing photography, branding, and much more. Inquire today to set up an appointment and discuss your project goals.

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Are you a self-directed entrepreneur or designer that just needs tools and space to work?

We are currently taking applications for our new Launch Boise membership. We know that entrepreneurs and start-up business owners are some of the most ambitious and hard-working people out there. Sometimes, the only thing needed to start walking down the path of success is access to tools, resources, and mentors. Our goal with the Launch Boise membership is to create a community of like-minded, highly-focused people who can leverage each others' experiences and insights to create awesome hardware and tangible product companies.